Welcome to AVISO Energy. We are a US based alternative energy company dedicated to bringing to market the alternative energy technologies of inventor Ismael Aviso. Mr. Aviso is an engineer based in the Philippines who has earned global fame for his work in super efficient electrical circuits and electric motor design. AVISO Energy's goal is to facilitate turning this work into real, accessible alternative energy products that benefit people and the environment.

Ismael Aviso and his team are doing fast paced work, and are currently in the prototype phase of several different alternative energy technologies. These include:

  • Hydrogen Generators
  • Hydrogen Cell Retrofit Kits for Cars
  • Power Generators
  • Electric Cars

AVISO Energy is working quickly as well, attaining patents for the new technologies and raising capital for production and distribution. Our primary focus is to bring to market the technologies that will have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. We are firmly committed to the belief that effective conversion to a clean energy economy will happen when it can come at no additional cost to business, governments, or individuals. We have the technology to make this a reality, and we are bringing it to the world very soon.

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